Nonknowledge, Laughter and The Moving Image Part 2, Day 3, Artist Talk and discussion with Kiona Hagen Niehaus


Online Artist Talk and discussion with Kiona Hagen Niehaus   Where: ZOOM  Please email to receive the link to the meeting. 11.00 Tue 26 Jan 2021  Kiona Hagen Niehaus ( is an artist, software creator, and UX designer living in Berlin. She recently completed her PhD in the Computing Department at Goldsmiths, University of […]

Der Offene Mund: Live from the Garden with Bonjour Madame

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"Der Offene Mund" Live from the Garden with Bonjour Madame 7.6.2021   20.00-21.00 Where: In the Garden:  „Eigentum Kind“ - Djoana Weimann/Laurine von Boetticher, „Manche Leute...“ - Aleksandra Stadnik, Designing social infrastructures,Ruth from Bonjour Madame, Sophie Golly o.a


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Der Offene Mund GROTESQUE BURLESQUE   Live # offenermundhfbk with Priyanka Sarkar, Nick Wachs & Helena Aljona Kuhn Live streaming by Hendrik Nowak Sounds by Frida Rahne